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Tail Blazers

November 2023

The Tailblazers website project embarked on a strategic redesign to not only modernise the existing online presence but also to significantly enhance e-commerce functionalities, aiming to foster a safe and trusted buying experience.

The goal was to align the website with the brand’s reputation for quality, ensuring that customers could easily navigate and purchase products tailored to their needs, particularly for different dog sizes.

** We no longer manage or maintain this website**

Challenges and Solutions

One of the early challenges was the decision to abandon the original, heavy theme in favour of a lighter, more responsive design.

Despite the extra initial work, this move significantly contributed to the website’s overall performance and user experience.

Hosting challenges, particularly the need for faster loading times without the option of a Content Delivery Network (CDN) due to US hosting, were addressed through rigorous optimisation techniques.

A bespoke requirement was the creation of a size guide for various dog breeds, a feature critical to the shopping experience but challenging due to the desire to avoid costly plugins. The solution was the development of a custom-coded size chart, which effectively met the client’s needs without incurring additional expenses.

Tail Blazers

Results and Impact

The redesign and optimisation of the Tailblazers website have led to noticeable improvements in visitor numbers and sales.

By streamlining the shopping process and integrating a secure payment system, the website now offers a more efficient and trustworthy platform for customers.

The bespoke size guide has enhanced the user experience, allowing for more informed purchase decisions and contributing to the increase in sales.

Development Process

The redevelopment of the Tailblazers website was executed using WordPress and WooCommerce, chosen for their flexibility and robust e-commerce capabilities.

The addition of the Elementor page builder enabled easy updates and management of the website’s pages, empowering the client to maintain their site with minimal effort.

WooCommerce facilitated the seamless and secure management of products and sales, ensuring that the website’s e-commerce operations were both efficient and user-friendly.


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  • E-Commerce Development
  • SEO & Digital Marketing

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