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St James Wine Vaults

March 2024

The St James Wine Vaults website transformation was embarked upon with a clear objective: to alleviate the frustrations tied to the limitations of a widely-used page builder, leading to a non-user-friendly site.

This initiative sought to revolutionise the venue’s online presence by introducing a dynamic events management system and enhancing user engagement through streamlined navigation and compelling calls to action.

A bespoke events management backend was developed to facilitate the effortless addition and scheduling of events, distinguishing regular yoga classes as a separate entity within the community pub’s offerings.

Challenges and Solutions

One of the paramount challenges was the creation of a bespoke dynamic events system that catered to the client’s specific needs, especially for recurring events.

Additionally, retaining the essence of the old website’s design while transitioning to a more functional and aesthetically pleasing platform was crucial.

The solution lay in employing custom scripting, with the support of AI from ChatGPT, to develop the backend significantly faster, incorporating sophisticated functionalities without the usual time and cost implications.

This approach ensured the new website reflected the client’s vision and operational needs accurately.

St James Wine Vaults

Results and Impact

Since its launch, the revamped website has markedly improved the venue’s engagement with its audience, with the contact form usage soaring, indicating a direct and efficient communication channel between patrons and the venue.

This enhancement has not only simplified event discovery and attendance for users but has also streamlined the booking process for event organisers, party planners, and the general public interested in venue hire.

The website now stands as a pivotal tool in the pub’s operations, supporting event management and promotion seamlessly.

Very happy

"Paul has been a great help in gaining some new traction to our business by building an all-new interactive website for us from the ground up. His work has been swift and thoughtful as he has taken on-board all aspects that we wished to implement and more. His willingness to help even after the launch has been much appreciated and we are very happy to have worked alongside him. We couldn’t recommend him more."

St James Wine Vaults

Development Process

Leveraging WordPress for its scalability and reliability, the development process was meticulously planned and executed to meet the unique demands of the St James Wine Vaults website.

This choice facilitated a tailored development approach, allowing for the integration of a custom-built events management system.

The focus was on creating an intuitive user experience (UX) that catered specifically to the target audience: adults seeking leisure activities, live music enthusiasts, and event organisers looking for a venue.

Special attention was given to the UX design for these groups, incorporating downloadable event packs detailing equipment and hiring terms, thus making the site not just a venue guide but a comprehensive resource for planning and hosting events.


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