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February 2024

The Ringtree website has undergone a substantial transformation, evolving into a sleek, single-page application that aligns perfectly with their marketing.

This renovation was not just about refreshing the aesthetics but also about enhancing the functionality to optimise user engagement and navigation.

By maintaining the single-page application format, the redesign focuses on delivering an intuitive and seamless browsing experience, ensuring that every visitor interaction is both engaging and efficient.

Challenges and Solutions

A key challenge in the project was to rejuvenate the brand’s visual identity without straying too far from its roots.

The logo and colour palette needed a careful, sympathetic update to invigorate the site’s look while preserving the essence of the original brand.

The solution came through a collaborative process to refine the colour palette and evolve the logo, setting a fresh but familiar tone for the website’s styling.

The introduction of a sticky menu enhanced navigability, enabling users to effortlessly transition between sections, enriching the user experience with simplicity and elegance.


Results and Impact

While it’s still early days to fully gauge the impact of the website’s redesign, initial feedback is overwhelmingly positive.

The client’s active engagement in editing and updating content signals a renewed connection with their online presence, suggesting an optimistic outlook for the website.

This heightened engagement is a promising indicator of the redesign’s success in meeting both aesthetic and functional goals.

Exactly what I had asked for

"Paul got my business onto the internet with a simple and sleek looking website, exactly what I had asked for. Offering a very friendly and well-informed service, Paul is highly recommended."

Jim Smith
Ringtree Accountants

Development Process

The development of the new Ringtree website leveraged the power and flexibility of WordPress, chosen for its scalability and ease of use.

By building on WordPress, the team could efficiently implement the single-page application design, ensuring a robust platform that supports both the client’s current needs and future growth.

The development process focused on creating a user-friendly interface that empowers the client to maintain and refresh their content, reflecting the dynamic nature of their business and the digital landscape.


  • Maintenance & Support
  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Solutions

Project Goal

Technology Stack

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Application Structure

Type of Application

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