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Lyons Bowe

December 2023

The Lyons Bowe website underwent a comprehensive redevelopment to address the shortcomings of its previous iteration, marked by an outdated design, poor user experience (UX), and sluggish performance.

Tasked with this challenge, the new brand manager spearheaded the initiative to revitalise the website, aligning it with contemporary marketing campaigns and enhancing its overall usability and speed.

The project’s ambition extended beyond aesthetic upgrades to include dynamic content capabilities and location-specific customisation, ensuring the website would not only engage visitors but also effectively support SEO strategies.

** We no longer manage or maintain this website**

Challenges and Solutions

The redevelopment encountered significant technical hurdles, chiefly the integration of new sections and components within an existing, cumbersome theme. This integration initially caused conflicts, demanding meticulous resolution to ensure seamless functionality.

The complexity was compounded by the client’s requirement for reusable components that could support dynamic content—a necessity that pushed the bounds of traditional web development techniques. To navigate these challenges, Elementor page builder was introduced, replacing the outdated theme’s page builder.

This strategic shift empowered the Lyons Bowe team with enhanced editing capabilities, streamlining content management.

Additionally, leveraging ChatGPT marked a pivotal development, expediting the coding process and unlocking advanced functionalities without the need for specialised knowledge. This innovative approach not only streamlined development but also enriched the website with a robust set of features tailored to the client’s needs.

Lyons Bowe

Results and Impact

While it’s early to quantify the full impact of the website’s transformation, the initial feedback underscores a significant improvement in user engagement and operational efficiency.

The integration of Elementor and the optimisation of the site’s architecture have markedly improved loading times, directly influencing the user experience.

The ability to create location-specific content with ease has poised Lyons Bowe for enhanced online visibility and SEO effectiveness, promising a brighter digital future.

Development Process

The development of the Lyons Bowe website was a collaborative effort, utilising WordPress as the core platform, supplemented by bespoke coding to meet the unique requirements of the project.

The synergy between developers and the designer was crucial, ensuring that each component was not only aesthetically pleasing but also built in accordance with standard web development practices.

This approach allowed for the creation of a flexible, dynamic website capable of evolving in tandem with the client’s marketing strategies and the ever-changing digital landscape.


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