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Bath Contemporary Artists’ Fair (BCAF)

March 2024

The BCAF website revolutionises the art fair experience by streamlining booking and payments, significantly reducing administrative tasks for the organisers. Furthermore, it empowers BCAF artists by providing them individual e-commerce stores (coming soon), integrating them into a distinguished community, all under the BCAF umbrella.

Building on this foundation, the platform addressed the primary challenge of automating bookings and payments by closely examining the organisers’ pain points and the time each step consumed. This meticulous approach to identifying and resolving specific issues informed the platform’s development, making it both intuitive and efficient for users.

In addition to simplifying the booking process, the introduction of a multi-vendor capability was a game-changer, allowing artists to manage sales of various products, from exhibition space bookings to accepting donations. This was achieved by implementing an affordable multi-vendor plugin, dramatically saving development time and costs. This strategic choice underscores the platform’s commitment to leveraging WordPress technology to facilitate rapid development, ensuring a swift market entry.

The BCAF platform, with its user-centric design, not only enhances the operational efficiency of art fair organisation but also significantly enriches the artists’ experience. By providing a comprehensive suite of e-commerce tools and integrating them into a vibrant community, it fosters a supportive environment for artists to thrive, showcasing their work to a global audience and driving sales more effectively.

Challenges and Solutions

Building an automated booking and payment platform presented our initial challenge. We tackled this by identifying the organiser’s pain points and the time consumption of each procedural step. This approach allowed us to pinpoint specific issues and devise tailored solutions, which informed the design and functionality of the platform.

Integrating a multi-vendor system posed another significant hurdle. This system needed to support various transactions, including exhibition space bookings and donations. We overcame this challenge by adopting an affordable multi-vendor plugin, bypassing the extensive development period required for a custom solution. In the WordPress ecosystem, such plugins offer a cost-effective way to expedite development, enabling quicker market entry and providing immediate value.

Bath Contemporary Artists’ Fair (BCAF)

Results and Impact

Since the inception of the BCAF platform, we have witnessed a transformative change in the art fair landscape. Our innovative approach to streamlining booking and payments has not only simplified the management process for organisers but also significantly enhanced the overall experience for artists and buyers alike.

By automating the booking and payment processes, we’ve reduced the administrative burden on organisers, enabling them to focus more on curating exceptional art fair experiences.

As BCAF continues to grow, we remain committed to developing features that support our community of artists, organisers and art enthusiasts. Our journey so far has been incredibly rewarding, and we are excited about the future possibilities as we continue to innovate and expand our impact in the art world.

Development Process

The BCAF platform, grounded in innovation and community engagement, was developed with WordPress and WooCommerce to address the specific needs of artists and organisers. WordPress’s flexibility allowed us to craft a dynamic, user-friendly site, while WooCommerce integration facilitated the creation of individual e-commerce stores for artists, simplifying the sales process.

Key to our development was customising the platform to the BCAF community’s unique demands. This involved implementing automated booking systems, multi-vendor capabilities, and an artist-centric dashboard, all aimed at streamlining operations and enhancing the user experience.

Our journey doesn’t end with the launch. Driven by community feedback and technological advances, we’re dedicated to continual development and enhancement, ensuring BCAF stays ahead in the digital art space. This commitment to agile development practices enables us to adapt and improve continuously, maintaining our leadership role.


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