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Apple Tree Inn Glamping

June 2023

The Apple Tree Inn Glamping e-commerce platform was conceived with the vision of revolutionising the way festival-goers experience the iconic Glastonbury festival.

The website simplifies the booking of various accommodation options, including tents, tepees, and van pitches, catering to diverse party sizes and preferences.

A cornerstone feature of this platform is the introduction of a deposit system, designed to facilitate easier payment options and enhance the overall user budget management.

** We no longer manage or maintain this website**

Challenges and Solutions

The primary hurdle in this project was not in the realm of technology or design but in securing the right accommodation suppliers.

The selection of high-quality, reliable suppliers was crucial to ensuring that the platform could offer a range of attractive options.

Once accomplished, it paved the way for the website to showcase these accommodations with compelling images and detailed information, ready for festival-goers to book.

This focus on curating a quality selection underscores the importance of foundational choices in the success of an e-commerce platform.

Apple Tree Inn Glamping

Results and Impact

The meticulous attention to user interface (UI) and user experience (UX) design has made the process of finding, booking, and purchasing accommodation straightforward and hassle-free.

This user-centric approach has led to high conversion rates and the complete booking of available accommodations for the 2023 festival.

The platform’s success not only highlights the effectiveness of its features and usability but also its impact on transforming how accommodations are booked for large-scale events.

Development Process

Developed using WordPress and enhanced with WooCommerce, the Apple Tree Inn Glamping site combines flexibility with robust e-commerce functionalities.

WooCommerce, in particular, played a vital role in streamlining product and sales management, allowing for a seamless and secure operation.

This development choice ensured that the site could handle a variety of accommodations and booking scenarios, offering a scalable and user-friendly solution that perfectly aligns with the platform’s goals.


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  • SEO & Digital Marketing
  • WordPress Solutions

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